Archaeological Superintendence of Sardinia

The Superintendence officiates its own functions of protection and valorisation of archaeological heritage in Sardinia, acting significant attention and responsability to promote cooperation within Territorial Administrations, Universities, Reserach Instituts and local working environment skilled in cultural heritage. That with the aim of implementing common and long-lasting issues of protection, reserach and valorisation of archaeological heritage, by planning and rationalising actions and assets.
The Superintendence holds, just to mention some of the most well-known internationally sites, the Nuragic settlement of Su Nuraxi/Barumini (since 2000 one of the UNESCO sites), the Phoenician-Punic and Roman city of Tharros and Nora, the Phoenician-Punic settlement of Monte Sirai, the stratified sites of Cagliari and Sant’Antioco-Sulky.
The Superintendence also holds the National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari, where it is possible to go through the Human history of Sardinia, since Neolithic Age to Middle Ages, and its evidences. At this moment in time there are two temporary exibitions about Nuragic Age, “L’isola delle Torri” e “I Giganti di Mont’e Prama 1974-2014”.


Marco Edoardo Minoja
Ph.. +39 070 605181
Fax +39 070 658871


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