Municipality of Florence

The UNESCO office was created in February of 2005 (under the name of The Office of the Historical Center- a UNESCO World Heritage Site) under the guidance of the Cultural Direction of the Municipality of Florence in order to respond to the primary needs necessary to address the requirements of the preparation and drafting of the Management Plan for the Historic Centre of Florence UNESCO World Heritage Site. More specifically, the Office has the task to carry out the following activities:

  • The writing, the drafting and the supervision of the Management Plan, required from the UNESCO Convention, with the purpose of promoting conservation, appreciation and sustainable management of the historical center of Florence;
  • The effective creation and coordination of relationships and interactions between competent subjects (competent persons) and stakeholders, both public and private, which operate in the center of Florence
  • The recognition of guidelines and common action projects to be included in the Management Plan;
  • The coordination of the management of funding for the Management Plan and for the related Plans of Action;
  • Periodical progress reports on the state of conservation of the historical center and on the states of changes in the Management Plan and in other Plans of Action;
  • The promotion, the implementation and the coordination of studies and research on the history of the city, land and heritage.

Dario Nardella


Ph. +39 055 276 8012/8267/8069

Fax +39 055 276 8275



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