Carbonia-Monte Sirai

Carbonia. Carbonia is a noted open-air museum, the intangible focal point and culmination of a cultural restoration project that places this town as a city of the twentieth century, in a wide circuit of communication and exchange, providing a synthesis between past and future, creating a link between the city of foundation and the Mine.

Monte Sirai. On the upland of Monte Sirai is located in the territorial district of Sulcis in south-western Sardinia, on an upland 191 mt above sea level near Carbonia.

The site preserves remains of a Phoenician and Punic settlement, made up of three areas, the village, the necropolis and the tophet, founded during the second half of eight century B.C. And abandoned at the beginning of the first century B.C.

Because of the absence of later overlapping and because of its involvement in continuous and   systematic excavations since 1963, Monte Sirai represents a fundamental tool to study Phoenician and Punic Culture.

Address and Contacts

Mob. 3205718454

Ph.  0781/63512 0781/64040

Fax 1782798302



Winter opening: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (on monday and tuesday open by appointment)

Summer opening: (april to september): 10 a.m to 19 p.m. tuesday to sunday (closed on holidays and on Monday)


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