Ministry of Culture – Lebanon

Since 2000 the Directorate General of Antiquities (DGA) is part of the Ministry of Culture (previously Ministry of Culture and Higher Education).

Its missions include:

  • Organization and execution of archeological excavations, upkeep of the historic monuments and discovery of new archeological sites;
  • Delivery of excavation permits and control of scientific archeological missions performing excavations;
  • Establishment and management of museums, organization of archeological and historic exhibitions;
  • Control of commerce and export of antique objects;
  • Enforcement of current laws and regulations.
  • Manage the World Heritage Sites in Lebanon.

The Head of the Administration is the Minister of Culture (today Mr. Raymond ARAIGY).

There is no current Director General, Dr. Assaad Seif is the actual acting director; He is assigned by the Minister as the Coordinator of the ARCHEOMEDSITES project.

The DGA is composed of three departments (services):

  • Department of Excavations (headed today by Dr. Assaad Seif).
  • Department of Historic Monuments (headed by Ing. Mr. Khaled Rifai).
  • Department of Museums (headed by Mrs. Anne Marie Afeich).

Assaad SEIF, Ph.D
ICOM – Int. Observatory
Head of the Scientific Department
Coordinator of Archaeological Research and Excavations
Directorate General of Antiquities
Ph. : +961 1 612290 ext. 104
Fax: +961 1 612259


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