Municipality of Siena

The municipality of Siena aims at creating a digital map of the archaeological risk present within the town center (part of UNESCO protected cultural heritage since 1995) through the project ARCHEOMEDSITES.

Profiles of the archaeological findings  in the historical center will be collected in collaboration with the University of Siena; after being  properly geo-referenced   the resulting data will be integrated into the Geographic Information System of the town, to develop a map of the findings to be publicly consulted and implemented through the net both by the   users of the information and all external stakeholders .

At the same time a set of rules will be set up, in collaboration with the University of Siena, to regulate the administrative procedures to be followed for excavations in those areas of the city where the presence of archaeological remains can be assumed; these rules will ensure control on all activities, as well as a proper assessment of the findings along with a precise update of the database object of this grant.

An information campaign will also be carried out in collaboration with the University of Siena to make citizens aware of the importance  to properly map and classify archaeological findings  come to light during excavation or underground work.


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