Ricerca e Cooperazione

Ricerca e Cooperazione (RC) is an Italian NGO created in 1985, with its main office in Rome.
RC has been recognised by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1986. RC’s projects are also co-funded by the European Union, UN agencies and other international institutions and private donors.

RC’s founding value is “More diversity and less differences” and its main mission is the safeguard and valorisation of diversities at risk of disappearance, as for example biodiversity, indigenous cultures and cultural heritage, together with the promotion of people’s fundamental rights like the right to food, education, work, freedom of movement, expression and good governance.
RC is particularly committed in the Mediterranean basin (Egypt, Lebanon, the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Tunisia, Italy), but is also active in Africa (Ghana) and South America (Bolivia).
The main methodological elements of RC projects are a sound participative and networking approach, focusing on: participation of local stakeholders from programming to final project implementation,
bottom up decision process, capacity building, women empowerment, environmental sustainability.
RC is the ONG leader of an important ENPI project of the European Union, on the theme of Sustainable Tourism active in Italy, Spain, Lebanon and Tunisia, and is partner of the ENPI project “ARCHEOMEDSITES”, of which the leader organism is MIBACT (Italian Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activity).


Arturo Parolini


Via Savona 13/a
00182 Roma

Ph. +39- 06-88816140
Fax +39-0670392391 ext.23


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