To the south of Paestum , on the top and sides of a steep promontory that juts out into the sea, stands Elea -Velia (about 90 hectares ) The Greek polis was founded in 530 BC by exiles who Focei on board fast pentecontere , in the aftermath of the battle of Aleria , who had landed on the shores of the Enotri by purchasing the land . The charm of the ancient city are still visible the acropolis , the agora , some neighborhoods built with the typical brick Velini , the port area and the Baths , Porta Rosa and other evidence testify to the complex defensive system of which the city had and with that , following the natural course of the hill, was the acropolis to the sea. Velia was happily known for flourishing business relationships salted fish and scented oils and for its good governance as well as being the seat of the Eleatic school of Parmenides and Zeno . Today the ancient remains are immersed in a vast area of ​​Mediterranean scrub and olive trees, and return a splendid combination of archeology and nature that led to the Archaeological Park of Velia, visited annually by approximately 34,000 people and the number of employees is equal to 23 units (1 staff archaeologist , 1 technical officer , one administrative assistant , 3 engineers and 17 operators between carers and supervision )

Address and Contacts

Ascea Marina (Sa)
c.da Piana di Velia
ph.: +39 0974 972396


everyday: 8.45 a.m. untill one hour before sunset


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Forum Universale delle culture


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