Archaeological Superintendence of Campania

The Archaeological Superintendence of Campania  is a district office of the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and for Tourism. The mission of the Superintendency is the safeguarding and promotion of archaeological sites in the provinces under its jurisdiction.

It was first founded in 1939 as Superintendency for Antiques of Salerno and Potenza, part of the Department of Antiques and Fine Arts in the Ministry for Public Education.

With the establishment of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, the new-born Archaeological Superintendence of Campania  was put under the lead of Werner Johannowsky and, later, of Giuliana Tocco who held the post until 2007.

Since October 2010 the superintendent is Adele Campanelli.

The Superintendency partner of the Archeomedsites project and It has a decisive role in the development of project guidelines. It will take part in the definition and deployment of safeguarding and maintenance activities of cultural HERITAGE, promotion policies and action protocols bringing its experiences in the management of the archaeological sites of Paestum ad Velia inscribed in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.


Adele Campanelli


Ph. +39 089/5647201-258

Fax +39 089/252075



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